Preview T-Jacket SS.2016

“Funny” is the key concept for the entire summer collection of T-JACKET SS.2016.

The values of comfort and casual style materialise themselves in this colourful T-Jacket collection, created for those who want informal jackets, that are young and easy in their very essence. It is all about lightness also in the choice of materials and textiles for the summer: linen and stretch cotton, jersey, denim effects and openwork.

In this new summer collection, the concept that successfully characterised the last T-jacket editions (the easy and casual style, perfect for both men and women) stays the same, but with important evolutions: three model variants and the introduction of trench coats, waistcoats, bermudas and shorts.

Every jacket is wrapped in a transparent tube – that pleasantly reveals its texture – closed by a cork that becomes a ‘hook’, ready to use.

Thanks to the company’s embedded experience in outerwear design, a completely unstructured jacket has been created, and is now ready to instil a sensation of unique comfort to those who wear it.

The freshness of this project comes from the diversity of creative minds in the team, both in terms of age and nationality: the italian, european and eastern cultures are combined in a real melting pot of tastes and trends that confer to T-Jacket its worldwide breath.

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