From business to events, Tonello Man is flawless and recognizable. The Tonello style has reinterpreted the tailored jacket, generating the slim revolution. Strengthened by the handmade in Italy and with a sartorial signature, the man collection is refined, unique, always contemporary and performing.

The masculine lines soften and the colors are interpreted to the feminine, on the footprint of masculine tailoring, so the Tonello Woman Suit collection is born, completed with patterns and models dedicated to sophisticated women, with a modern and contemporary femininity.


The unmistakable Tonello style.
The exclusivity of a garment made just for you.

For those who love Tonello style and wearability – and its iconic design – but want to satisfy their tailoring needs, we created MyTonello, an exclusive project that allows you to customize and make Tonello garments and suits even more unique.


The T-jacket concept arises from the need and willingness to propose an outerwear with an easy and comfortable character to a contemporary public. With an attention to details, quality and playful attitude of the fabrics, an a-gendered style and unstructured sartorial models. These are the elements that make up the construction of each T-Jacket collection. Born to be inserted in a tube closed by a cap that turns into an eclectic hanger, today T-Jacket is also proposed in the new tube-bag. Visit the website >


Tonello CS, today dedicated to the male world, proposes to the metropolitan consumer. CS Contemporary Standard, is everything that can not be missing in the contemporary men’s clothing. Hence the tailoring, the innovative materials, the Italian taste, the constructions and the details, the made to measure. Perfectly adapted to the modern man. Visit the website >