Icons of modernity

The Tonello brand was founded in 2001: an idea and a project created by the Tonello family, that – with 50 years of experience in the men’s tailoring sector – has shaped a collection of men’s and women’s outerwear, made unique by the unmistakable style and accuracy of the details.


The Tonello garments, unique and always recognizable, have a soul: their clever contents and their modern shapes are made by two generations within the company. The idea behind the Tonello stylistic concept was, since the beginning, that of reinventing the jacket, enhancing its elegance and modernizing its forms, an approach considered for many aspects to be revolutionary in men’s tailoring.


The Tonello revolution was to create jackets with an extreme Drop 9 giving life to the slim fit era. At the base of this challenge was the great knowledge of the construction of the outerwear and its production, in addition to the belief that a unique and innovative item of clothing, recognizable and iconic, could be created.


These objectives have been achieved through the handmade philosophy – craftsmanship elevated to art – that accompanies the whole process of creation of the Tonello garments. Each step gives life to materials, shapes and constructions and contributes to the creation of garments that live in those who choose to wear them.


Since its foundation, aware of the value of its background, Tonello has been able to maintain the original spirit of an artisan organization and project it into an industrial context. “The new classic” is the term used to describe the Tonello product, reflecting the modern style of the company. Everything is completed by a 100% MADE IN ITALY production structure.

Only those who have 50 years of history can be modern

Tradition and innovation that coexist in the same family and company. Renzo and Claudio Tonello – father and son – have dedicated themselves to entrepreneurship, following Renzo’s passion for male tailoring, then transferred to his son, who introduced the Tonello brand with the revolutionary slim jacket and brought the contemporary style of tailoring in Tonello. Book cover: autobiography “Il Sarto Bambino” by Renzo Tonello (click here to know more >).